To give you an idea of our possibilities, we have made a selection of a number of eye-catching projects that we have recently carried out.

Our Clients

Here is a small selection of the clients that we represent. Browse our portfolio. It’s where we showcase our accomplishments, past and present. It’s the quality that our clients have come to appreciate, and the standard you can expect from ParDidu web design studio.
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Familie Jermias

As parents and as family, there is nothing more important to us than what we give our children.

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P@rDidu webdesign studio

Mingus Jermias owner of P@rDidu Webdesign Studio and has been actively involved in web design for more than 15 years.

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FDJ IT Consultant

I am a passionate IT Professional specializing in IBM mainframe Z/os, business networks and server technology.

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Fysiotherapie Beukenplein

You will find on our website all information about our services, rates, employees, privacy policy and all our options.

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Stichting 60 jaar molukkers huizen

For the commemoration of the fact that on March 21, 2016, 65 years ago the first Moluccans settled in Huizen.

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Maluku Huizen

With the notification of the new website the editorial wanted the visitors to look at the social and social platform.

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Our Works

We work hard and responsiveness in order to acquire our customer’s satisfaction and achieve their aspiration.

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    Mingus Jermias
    owner of
    P@rDidu Webdesign Studio

and more than 15 years active in web management.

Phone: +31 6 3956 1454

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